Interim Report

Team Number: 029
School Name: Central High
Area of Science: Physics
Project Title: Zoom to a More Cost-Effective and Enviromentally Safe Fuel Source
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Zoom to a More Cost-Effective and Environmentally Safe Fuel Source

Pollution—the destroyer of mankind. What causes this horrid destructor?

Well, one of the major sources is the consumption of fossil fuels that are used in cars. Team 029 from Kirtland Central High School is searching for an answer to the ever present question of cost-effective fuel for cars. In a world where monetary value goes down, and prices go up the need for a new source of fuel is prevalent in our society. The price of gasoline has been steadily increasing over the years and the gas war still rages. This project attempts to theorize whether or not this steady increase is necessary. Some of the fuel sources we are currently researching that will be beneficial to the world are: solar energy, gasoline, and electricity.

Information has not been readily available on the launching and possible fuel sources for rockets, therefore we have changed from rockets to the different cost-effective, environmentally safe fuels for the running of cars. Thus we have not been able to fully start programming our project, but will begin soon. We have been discussing in depth what we are planning to accomplish and have also been learning the programming language known as C++ to help in the coding process. Learning C++ has helped us understand the necessity of a supercomputer to solve major problems concerning the real world. In our physics class we are learning about forces, acceleration, velocity, and friction. We have several formulas that will help solve our problem that has been developed for the supercomputer. We have contacted some outside sources to help as advisors in our endeavor to find an answer to our cost-effective fuel project. We received positive responses and an interest toward our project. However, we haven’t received any additional information that might give assistance to our project. We are still waiting for possible sources of information to be sent to us. Hopefully these sources will be useful in our pursuit for a cost-effective fuel for cars.

We plan to write a program that will simulate a car trip from point A to point B using the programming language C++ to determine which fuel is the most cost-effective and better for the environment as a whole. The amount of fuel consumed will be taken into consideration when determining the effectiveness. Our simulation will include an averaged-size car, averaged-sized tires, and normal weather conditions. If this simulation works we plan to add other variables, in order to improve it, such as: friction, air resistance and car design. We hope that this problem of finding a cost-effective fuel for cars will be beneficial in the world of scientific discovery and propel society ahead. Perhaps the problem of pollution will be one step further to becoming solved.

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