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For our project we have been having weekly meetings. So far we have compiled lots of stats and data. One of our team leaders is on the water and sanitation district for Ramah, NM. This has been a big help because of the nature of the information that we need for our project. He has gathered information on the town of Ramah including poulation increases and decreases, water levels of our town wells, census information and weather patterns. This information will be compiled into our program and analized. This is the main info that we will need for our project, and sums up what we have gathered so far.

Our problem deals with the above information being compiled into a very complex program (hopefully one that requires the use of the supercomputer!) that will determine what factors, such as water supply, employment oppertunities, natural resourses and other such factors, that if changed will affect the population of Ramah. We feel that this is a worthy project that could benifit town planners of Ramah. With this program, one or more changes could be put into our "town" (the one created by our program) to see what will happen. Changes would most likely include population fluxuation, weather fluxuation, water supply fluxuation, and other fluxuations.

The way we figure it, we will be able to use the supercomputer because there will be immense number crunching, that would normally take several days on a regular PC, as opposed to mere seconds on the Cray. We really don't have a lot of experince with a supercomputer, and will probably need some help determining if the Cray is needed or not.

For results we expect to gain world popularity and emmense fame. Not really =) but we have talked to Bill Clinton and he said "Ya'all gotcha one real nice project here." Actully, on a serious note, we talked to members of Ramah's water and sanitation district (close enough to Bill Clinton) and they said that they would be able to use this program to there benifit. Thank you for your time and support.

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