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    Team Number: 001

    School Name: Alamogordo High School

    Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

    Project Title: The Cubical Question

Final Report

Everyone is familiar with the puzzle cube that has six different colors, in which a person must manipulate the cube such that all the colors are on the same side. The project our team is during this year involves making a program that will give the user the place to move each side to solve the puzzle. This program is computationally challenging for its mathematical implications because when the user changes one side, it directly affects four sides and indirectly all the others. This first will require us to find an equation to use for that problem. For this equation we must calculate results over a long period of motions. It can get the cube to completion from any combination. The program will allow the user to input many different combinations. Giving the user the ability to have a cube by the computer and follow the instruction given and solve the puzzle. We also can create a more multiple sided object that our program can solve. For this, our program must be versatile enough to be able to do the different types of objects without having to change the code. Also we are planning to use a graphic program so the user can interact with it. Thus, it can be manipulated to see all four axes of view points. Our team is planning to use C++. This language was chosen for its familiarity and quickness in learnablity, especially for new members. Therefore, our project will be able to solve a cube puzzle using C++.

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