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    Team Number: 002

    School Name: Almogordo High School

    Area of Science: Mathecial Biology

    Project Title: Outbreak: The Raging Diseases of The US

Final Report

The current experiment that will be researched and developed will be on the simulation of outbreaks of three viruses. These three viruses are TB, Ebola virus, and finally Hantavirus which the origins are from the Southwestern regions of the United States. All the computer programing will be done in C++ to be simulated in a Supercomputer enivornment. Basically, all of the work will give us data that will show the growth of the outbreak of the three viruses throughout the Regions of United States. The statistical work and calculations will be built from variables that will calculate the epidemics and the how fast they will grow when they reach the United States. The group will be obtaining material to build a technical paper on all three of the viruses(Ebola virus, Hantavirus, and TB). Each one in its own can be very contagious and can spread rapidly. If it is not caught early enough in the early spread process which could be even to late as well.

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