Challenge Team 5 Abstract

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    Team Number: 005

    School Name: Alamogordo High School

    Area of Science: Physics - Quantum Mechanics

    Project Title: Blackholes and the Secrets They Hold

Final Report

Blackholes are the most intriguing heavenly bodies in the Universe. They have boggled the minds of many scientists since thier discovery. The universe will be playing a major role in this experiment. It's odd conditions and curious behavior will create a challenge for this project. We first will try to create as natural environment as possible so that my "universe" will not look like a simulated horror. We will also add in natural phenomenons such as stray asteroids, comets, and other random debris. We will also calculate the cponditions in the split moment that a neutron star is becoming a blackhole and will thenceforth observe this blackhole for as long as needed.

Our project will hopefully demonstrate the conditions created when a blackhole is introduced into a calm solar system environment. We hypothesize that light will be repelled and consequently and up being consumed by the blackhole. We will also make sure we observe the other destructive properties of the anomalies. Using C++ and other computer graphics and analysis programs, we will attempt to prove our hypothesis. Our methods of research will be involving the Internet and other studies that scientists have previously discovered. We also hope to find out other facts about blackholes and lightwaves that will aide in our project construction.

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