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    Team Number: 007

    School Name: Albuquerque Academy

    Area of Science: Mathematics

    Project Title: Very Large Scheduler

Final Report

The plight of any scheduler is to find a program which schedules not only efficiently, but acccurately as well. This year at the Albuquerque Academy, a new sceduling policy was implimented, causing quite a stir. The students faced fewer class periods, and the faculty needed to fit all the class choices into only eight slots rather than nine.

Due to these recent changes in scheduling at the Albuquerque Academy, our team has decided to find and implement an algorithm capable of generating streamlined schedules.

The first incarnation of the program will take a file composed of a list of students along with each student's preferred clases. The students will rank the courses according to their preferences. A contentedness quotient (CQ) will be assigned to each s tudent based on the number of requested classes that the student is actually scheduled for. The algorithm will use partial difference equations in order to maximize sigma CQ, or the sum of these contentedness quotients.

There are a number of additional scheduling factors that we may have our program consider after we have the basic algorithm working. For instance, we might have the program consider the geographical location of classes so as to not have students walking long distances between each class. It might also be prudent to eliminate large gender disparities.

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