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    Team Number: 008

    School Name: Albuquerque Academy

    Area of Science: Microbiology

    Project Title: Analysis of an Ebola outbreak in the United States

Final Report

This program will simulate an outbreak of the Ebola virus on the 48 contiguous United States. The program wil generate data for the percentage of the population infected, the percentage dead, and concrete numbers for both of these outputs for a given date. Depending on the stage of the outbreak, the time interval for the data will range between one week and a single day. The project is important as it wil factor in variables such as population of cities, population densities, ambient atmospheric conditiions, land and air travel rates, holidays and other shifts in population, and resistance to the disease. Thus it should provide a fairly accurate account of outbreaks originating from various places within the United States. The project will require an extremely large amount of research to be analyzed and compiled into a form which will be utilizable in the model.

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