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    Team Number: 009

    School Name: Andress High School

    Area of Science: Biochemistry

    Project Title: Sleeping Patterns and the Effect on Shift Workers

Final Report

We intend to research the chemical and physical aspects of how the body has difficulty adjusting to a diverse working schedule. Our problem relates to Biochemistry; specifically how shift work effects our internal clocks. Our group discovered that there are a number of biological and chemical factors that play an important role in our understanding of the difficulties our bodies have adapting to different sleep patterns.

The amount of sleep per week and the type if shift work done will effect a persons efficiency. Factors that relate to the efficiency of shift workers include age, gender, occupation, present health and exercise. Our project will be beneficial to society by helping shift workers have better understanding of how to regulate their sleep/wake patterns and enhance productivity.

Our plan of action includes interviewing shift workers, distributing questionaires, and researching locations such as sleep labs, libraries, and other sources. We hope to prove that work efficiency can be negative or positive as a result of the amount of sleep a person receives.

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