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    Team Number: 017

    School Name: Bloomfield High School

    Area of Science:Astrophysics

    Project Title:Einstein or Newton? Who Was Right?

Final Report

The purpose of this project is to compare Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity (E=mc2) with Sir Isaac Newton's law of universal gravitation [F=G(m1m2/d2)]. Through this project we hope to accomplish one of two things. We will either further prove the accuracy of Einstein's theory, or we will prove Einstein's theory wrong for very large gravitational forces (such as those produced by an extremely large black hole). The way we will accomplish this goal is to write a program that will mathematically show what happens to the gravitational pull when there are the same several black holes orbiting several different black holes of a super massive size while following the same orbital path. For Einstein's theory, we would measure the amount of time that it would take for the smaller black holes to travel around the larger black holes. Then we would account for time differences among the orbiting black holes. For Newton's law, we would use the same set up that we used for Einstein, the one difference being that instead of using a time/space ratio, we would use the actual gravitational force. We will then convert the measurements to a measurement that can be compared. This should show us the difference between the measurements attained by usage of Einstein's theory.

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