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    Team Number: 019

    School Name: Central High School

    Area of Science: Mathematics

    Project Title: Earthquakes in New Mexico? Yeah right!

Final Report

Contrary to popular belief, earthquakes do indeed exist in New Mexico. We only discovered this through thorough research of earthquakes in general. Earthquakes are a natural occurrence that not only effect our state, but also have a major impact on the world. These, and many other reasons influenced us to focus our project on earthquakes. We are currently trying to develop a program using C++ to predict the long term occurrences of earthquakes in New Mexico, within a 2.0 and 8.0 range on the Richter Scale. We will be using many different resources to provide us with the information needed to complete this project. The information attained from our research would be beneficial and possibly of interest to professional geologists to aid in possibly predicting the time, location, and strength of any future earthquakes. With this knowledge, society would be able to prepare for major earthquakes, which may bring about not only a change in our state, but the entire country, and possibly even the world.

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