Challenge Team Abstract

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    Team Number: 026

    School Name: Cliff High School

    Area of Science: Environmental

    Project Title: The diversity of pH levels in the Gila River obtained through the Watershed Watch Program

Final Report

Using the Watershed Watch, we will design a program that will predict the future pH and CFS levels in the Gila River. This could have significant effects upon fields and wildlife within this ecosystem. This information will assist the National Forest Service conservation efforts. From data collected through the Watershed Watch program; a National Forest Service sponsored activity, high school students from around the state will monitor invertebrates and chemical balances in local watersheds. Monthly pH measurements will be taken, and a computer program will be developed that will illustrate and predict monthly pH balances within the Gila River. The CFS (cubic feet per second) will also be sampled by using the National Forest Service's web site, which enables the user to view the CFS of current dates and also previous years. This data will be collected, organized, and analyzed with the cooperation of the National Forest Service, and the Biology II class under the supervision of Mrs. Katie Skaggs. Once the data has been collected the team will review and compile a simulation of following months. This information will be given to the Grant County Soil and Water Conservation Service and presented at the New Mexico State Watershed Conference in Santa Fe.

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