Challenge Team 030 Abstract

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    Team Number: 030

    School Name: Clovis High School

    Area of Science: Computer Science

    Project Title: Image Recognition

Final Report

Our project is to accomplish some form of image recognition. And you betcha where going to get something done! ...(Many people don't believe this project is a good idea, but we do - we like what we do and it doesn't matter if others don't). Depending on our progress, our end product may be a program that can identify geometric figures or a program that can scan over documents and translate them into a more computer-usable form.

Image recognition is in use today. Commonly OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is used for reading text into computers. There might be other things out there. Well, anyways, if we make great progress, we will make a program that will play sheet music to demonstrate a practical application of image recognition.

We are very definately going to start out simple. In general, our process for going about this will include thinking up ways to describe and classify images, creating algorithms, and research. Our very first program will recognize a line in a plane. We are also aware of neural nets and as time and progress permits, we will see if we can't utilize these... but as of now, we know little at all about them.

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