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    Team Number: Team #039

    School Name: Farmington High School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Numerical Simulation of the Vortex on Jupiter

Final Report

Our field of study will be in computational fluid dynamics. The purpose of our experiment is to construct a three dimensional simulation of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. This vortex (GRS) will be modeled by using the principal of conservation of potential vorticity, thereby allowing the team to calculate particle trajectories. This project is important because everything that is dealt with on earth is immersed in a fluid. With the advisement of Dr. Phil Jones from Los Alamos National Labs, we will begin by researching and reading current articles on modeling planetary fluid systems. The team will then write code to solve the equations that govern fluid dynamics. The team will constrict certain variables to simplify the problem. The remaining variables (temperature, pressure, and planetary rotation) will be manipulated to see the effect on the vortex.

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