Challenge Team Abstract

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    Team Number: 042

    School Name: Goddard High School

    Area of Science: Medicine-Epidemiology

    Project Title: Outbreak!

Final Report

Disease is a word that strikes fear and challenge into the community of scientists throughout the entire world. The challenge of the Goddard High School team is to gather data and facts about modern cantagious disease outbreaks; such as AIDS, HantaVirus, and Ebola. We will then identify the significant parameters that lead to the creation and spread of contagious diseases, and identify those parameters that lead to the reduction in the spread of those diseases. The team will create a program that simulates that spread of contagious diseases with respect to the identified parameters. These parameters may be modified by the program's user so that they may test their hypothesis. For instance, what happens if a new lethal virus goes undetected for six months rather than one month? What happens if that lethal virus is an air-borne virus rather than a sexually transmitted virus? Our program compares and contrasts these scenarios through the probability-based, random simulations.

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