Challenge Team Abstract

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    Team Number: 044

    School Name: Highland HS

    Area of Science: Epidemiology

    Project Title: Deadly Viral Outbreak Simulations

Final Report

We purpose to simulate the spread of a deadly, airbourne virus through a given section of city, under given environmental factors. In our simulation we will include mutation rates for the virus, symptom discovery rates, mortality rates for victims of the virus, and the rate at which the virus would spread through the air. In short, using a given source of infection, we will simulate the spread of infection. Our porogram will provide key insight into the areas and people most at risk during an outbreak. When it is known where a disease will travel, how it will react to certin stimulae, and how it will act in certain situations, then measures may be taken to stop the spread of the disease faster, more effectively, and with greater efficiency. Our project is a possible supercomputing project because of the many factors and equations involved in an epidemiological simulation such as what we purpose. Our project could be expanded to cover a greater area and include a greater population.

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