Las Cruces High School Team Abstract

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    Team Number: 045

    School Name: Las Cruces High School

    Area of Science: Earth and Space Sciences

    Project Title: Earth: An Investigation in Anhilation

Final Report

The Las Cruces High School Supercomputing Team is pleased to present Earth, a time series simultation. While cataclismic theories of destruction are popular among the media, imperceptible minuscule particles of space debris descend upon the Earth daily, drawing us closer to our extinction. We propose to simulate the effects of accumulated mass on Earth, specifically addressing rotation, orbit and consequently global warming. As the mass of our world increases, the rotational velocity will decrease in speed, the orbital radius will diminish in length, and the atmosphere will increase in temperature. We will communicate with professionals in the fields of mathematics and physics to aid us in developing mathematical models for the three aspects of our investigation: orbit, rotation, and global warming. Possible concerns include the rate of accumulated mass, where this mass will accumulate (e.g. equator, poles, etc.), and how this affects our time projection. Conclusions will be displayed in a graphics simulation and appropiate data tables.

Team Members

Sponsoring Teachers