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    Team Number: 050

    School Name: Lovington High School

    Area of Science: Digital Signal Processing/Audio Database Creation

    Project Title: Using Unique Human Voice-Traits For Identification Systems

Final Report

After observing the common method of taking attendance in our Junior High and High School, we observed that approximately 40,000 sheets of 9.5"x11" sheet-fed paper were being consumed yearly by both schools combined to complete that single task. Not only is this procedure inefficient in that it wastes mass amounts of paper, but it also consumes nearly 10 minutes of class time every day.

Through our project, we intend to create an integrated classroom system which consists of a Microsft Access DB, a series of internal Visual Basic modules on that DAtaBAse, a Bar-Code pen attached to a computer's keyboard, and student identification cares which consist of a bar-code unique to that student.

A complete system of this type would allow students to simply hand the teacher their ID card, have the teacher scan in the bar-code, and MS Access would compile the information, printing a list of present, absent, and late students.

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