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    Team Number: 057

    School Name: Navajo Preparatory School

    Area of Science: Mathematics

    Project Title: Mathematics Goes Baroque

Final Report

My primary intrest is in Western classical music and other music of the classical period. I also have an interst in mathematics, but more specifically, the functions of mathematics and their roles in musical composition.

My interest in this project began when I realized that math played an important role in the music of such composers as Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as others, and in all other music fro that matter. Examples include the time value of music, the location of the notes on the staff, the tempo of the music, and the rhythm of the music, all of which can be explained mathematically.

For my project, I intend to combine both of these aspects by explaining certain pieces of western classical music using symbols of mathematics. I plan to accomplish this on a computer with the ability to convert the mathematical symbols to the placement of tones, specific frequencies, specific tempos, to create a piece of music that is audible. I will make a mathematical model to produce a standard musical form such of the sonata and create an original composition. (MAX. OF 250)

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