Challenge Team #060 Abstract

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    Team Number: 060

    School Name: Piedra Vista High School

    Area of Science: Medical Science

    Project Title:The Black Death

Final Report

Today, through the work of science, many of the former disease that would have meant death have been eliminated. Vaccinations for these diseases exist, but still there is a chance that of just one of these diseases would maybe still have the opportunity to become an outbreak.

The running of such a program would show the effects of an outbreak of a certain type of disease. The desired outcome of the simulation would show that an outbreak of a disease that once was thought of as dead could still have the opportunity of becoming a major epidemic.

The plan of action is to find a disease that is now thought to be eliminated, and then to find the percentages of contracting this disease, using such factors such as genetics, habits, and environments. After that we would figure out the odds of contracting the disease and then the chance of dying from it today.

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