Rio Rancho Team Abstract

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    Team Number: 066

    School Name: Rio Rancho High School

    Area of Science: Astro Physics

    Project Title: Newtonian Physics and Special Relativity in the Context of a Virtual Universe as they Relate to the True Universe

Final Report

This project was designed to allow accurate modeling of spatial bodies in the full context of a virtual universe. It is designed to allow modeling of systems of bodies that will provide an accurate model of a theoretical universe. After these virtual universe evolve to point where they begin to exhibit properties that may relate to our modern universe they will be recorded and monitored for study. If successful these models of created universes can be applied to universe creation theories such as the Big Bang.

To aid in the evolution of the virtual universe's several creation theories will be included in the programming process. This program will be created using C/C++. The graphic will consist of 3-D views of the universe using polygons to represent the spatial bodies in the virtual universe. It will also apply cut-away options to view each universe by using bicubic patches. Research on theories and physical properties will be conducted through the internet, public libraries, and personal contacts.

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