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    Team Number: 067

    School Name: Rio Rancho High School

    Area of Science: Astrophysics

    Project Title: A Hole In One

Final Report

A Hole In One Brian Jacobs Dan Healey Jacob Divett

Recent evidence supports the theory that there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy, known as The Milky Way. Our project will demonstrate this phenomenon and how it will effect a solar system in The Milky Way. This simulation will show the time in which a solar system would fall into the event horizon of the black hole. We will also demonstrate the state in which the solar system would be during its journey to the black hole. This includes the predicted nova of the sun.

The information that this project will collect may be important in future experiments and may lead to a better understanding of how galaxies age. This project may also shed some light on the formation of galaxies in our universe and provide a glimpse at the early universe.

During the course of the year we plan to do major research on the black hole in the center of our galaxy as well as black holes in general. We will also be talking to University of New Mexico professors. After drawing conclusions, we will be writing a computer program, which will be a simulation, using the computer language C++.

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