Team 068 Abstract

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    Team Number: 068

    School Name: Ruidoso High School

    Area of Science: Biology

    Project Title: Selective breeding to produce a desired trait in a given animal while in a controlled environment.

Final Report

Selective breeding was an idea created by Charles Darwin, he shows that Animals will choose the best of their breed to further the longevity of the species. It has been theorized that multiple generations of selective breeding in a controlled environment could possibly be done, but would be less than efficient due to matters of time and money. Our Super Computing program would be a cost effective and time effective way to test this theory.

The way we would make this program work would be by a random generation array of numbers and predetermined variables and undetermined variables that could be set by the user. This would run numbers along with the use of averages and calculations that could add in artificial catastrophe if need be it.

Scientist, breeders, animal owners, and students could estimate a certain breed of Animals future. This would shorten the process of selective breeding in a controlled environment and give breeders an advantage beyond any they have had before. This method would be the most efficient way to theorize the future of a breed.

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