Challenge Team 70 Abstract

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  • Team Number: 70

    School Name: Ruidoso High School

    Area of Science: Weather Forecasting

    Project Title: Macro-Forecasting

Abstract Interim Final Report

"It will be a sunny 83 degrees outside today." How many times have you heard that, and how many times has it been wrong? Weather forecasting is not an exact science. At best, it's just educated guessing. Forecasting technology is progressing every day, but it still lacks many things.
In our project, we hope to introduce a new element into forecasting. Our project will take weather data such as temperature, air pressure, and humidity from a period of time, such as five years. It will search this data for patterns, and establish trends in weather activity. We can then extrapolate future weather patterns from this. It will not be precise, but it will allow forecasters to predict such weather phenomenon as El Nino and La Nina. It will also help to document global warming, since we will be using weather data from a long period of time.
This technology will hopefully be of use to many people, and can be expanded upon in many ways. It can be used to predict years of heavy precipitation in northern countries. It can be used to predict droughts in desert countries. There are many applications, some of which can benefit the entire human race.

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