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    Team Number: 073

    School Name: Sandia Preparatory School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: The Cosmic Elephant

Final Report

In our project, we will attempt to model the effects of asteroid impact on the ocean. We will try to use as many variables as possible. However the most important variable will be the shape. In the beginning of our experiment the asteroid will have a 2 dimensional shape, such as a triangle, square and circle, then 3 dimensional shapes, such as a pyramid, cube, and sphere. Finally we will combine all of these shapes into a "Cosmic Elephant". The point of impact will remain constant, we are going to use a location off the west coast of the United States of America. What we want to create is a mathematical model of the impact that we will turn into a computer program. Our program will be designed to test the varieties of shapes and their consequences on impact. Some of the effects we hope to observe are tsunamis, water displacement, and the formation of new bodies of water. We will attempt to go as in depth as possible.

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