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    Team Number: 078

    School Name: Santa Fe Prep

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: The Simulation of Solids Impacting Other Solids

Final Report

Simulating the Impact of Solids with Other Solids
Using Voxels to Simulate Geologic Materials of Varying Size in a Vacuum

We wish to simulate the impact(s) of solids with other solids. Our goal in this project is to be able to scale the objects in our virtual universe. We want our simulation to be able to hit a steel wall with a steel sphere, watch the impact and then be able to scale it up to being able to hit entire planets with comets. The most readily apparent problem is that of simulating the impact itself. There are many variables to take into account when simulating a complex event such as this. An accurate simulation of impacts would be useful in such fields as astronomy, physics, and other physical science disciplines. We plan to simulate this project using voxels which are a three dimensional representation of pixels. Instead of being a rectangle, as is a pixel, a voxel is a cube. We plan to implement this in C++ using object-oriented techniques. We shall build upon base classes to create more complex classes that will create the final simulation. We hope to learn about the various forces and phenomena which occur when masses impact various materials of various sizes. This project could run either one or two years depending on the complexity of the problems that we run into while simulating such complex events.

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