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    Team Number: 081

    School Name: Shiprock High School

    Area of Science: Environmental Science

    Project Title: Pollution in the San Juan River

Final Report

In Shiprock, New Mexico pollution is everywhere especially in the San Juan River. Our hypothesis is that the main source of pollution comes from chemical discharges from power plants, such as APS, BHP, and San Juan Power Plant. Pollution in our waterway effects animal and plant life as well as human health, in a detrimental manner.

Our team plans to use the information from this study to improve human health and our environment around Shiprock, New Mexico. Some species of plants around the riverbanks are dying due to a lack of clean water. Aquatic life suffers from malnutrition and poisons from impurities concentrated in the water. Not only the health of animals are at risk, but also human health.

Our plan is to get the Shiprock High School Environmental Science Program Director Mr. Espinoza who has more knowledge about ecology and whose organization will monitor the river and take samples and test them for us. After going through this procedure we will try to find more solutions by visiting our water treatment plant and by watching how water is treated for public use. With this information we will use it to make a map and pin point the areas which have the most chemical discharge.

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