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    Team Number: 082

    School Name: Shiprock High School

    Area of Science: Engineering

Final Report

The project that we are now working on, is a convection cooling & heating system. New Mexico is in the arid southwest part of the United States. The heat can pose problems four our population. In the past, air conditioners have been very loud and unconventional. Swap coolers are efficient, but it takes a lot of water and are heavy to setup, and in our part of the world, water is scarce.

Our team convection cooling & heating system, is more efficient because you don't have to put up and take down when seasons change, in fact it works year round. With our system, you only need an inexpensive backup heating system. This will provide heat at a lower cost.

In the future, with our system, it will not cost a fortune to operate or to setup a heating & cooling system. This works within the teachings of the Native American, because it is safe for our environment.

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