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    Team Number: 085

    School Name: Silver High School

    Area of Science:Biology

    Project Title: Rattlesnakes

Final Report

Abtsract:          The object of this project is to find out if the species Crotalus molossus and
                 Crotalus basiliscus will hybridize and if they do how long will it take them to
                 completely hybridize.  This is important because two may become one.  This
                 hybridized species could effect the ecosystems as it may become the dominant
                 predator of its ecosystem.  The data used in this project was collected by a
                 graduate student of the University of Texas in El Paso.  The data obtained by
                 this comember will then be used in a program to find out if the species will
                 hybridize and if so, how long til the species are completely hybridized.

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