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    Team Number: 096

    School Name: Tularosa High School

    Area of Science: Environmental

    Project Title: Rate of Forest Depletion in the U.S. and the World until completely destroyed.

Final Report

Our project is on the rate of depletion of the forest in the United States and all over the world.

Forest-plant community, predominantly of trees or other woody vegetation, occupying an extensive area of land.

The land area of the world is 148.94 million sq km and 31% of that is forest and woodland. In the United States 29% of the land area is classified as forestland. More than one-fourth of this fprestland, or 77 million hectares (191 million acres), is within the national forest. State-owned forestland totals 20.3 million hectares (50.2 million acres). In Canada 90% of productive forestland is publicly owned. Forest depletion rate is equal to 14.1 million acres every year. The forest growth rate is equal to 14.1 million acre times 125 percent.

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