Challenge Team Abstract

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    Team Number: 100

    School Name: Silver High School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Recycling Energy

Final Report


Electric cars are far too inneficient. They do not travel far enough nor do they have enough power to carry out the tasks that are required of gas powered vehicles. Our purpose is to produce an electric car that travels further and has more power than current electric cars do. To do this we will use alternators to recycle the energy that is used and send it back to the batteries to be reused, thus giving the car batteries longer life. By using different gears we hope to increase the power of the vehicle. We intend to make a scale model of the car as not only a visual aide but a way to assess our progress. We will be creating a computer program that will output power gain/loss based on the user's input of different gears, the weight of the vehicle, and maximum payload. In the end it is our hope to have created a more efficient and powerful electric vehicle.


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