Congratulations to the following finalists                        

Team   Cat	School    	Title of Final Report
001B	A	Alamogordo	What are the Effects of a Huge Meteor Hitting the Earth in the Pacific Ocean?
006	A	Albuqu Acad	Evolution of Hive Intelligence Using Genetic Programming	
008	A	Albuqu Acad	Analysis of an An Ebola Outbreak on the United States
039	A	Farmington	Numerical Simulation of the Vortex on Jupiter
045	A	Las Cruces	Earth It: A Time Series Simulation
048	A	Los Alamos	Magmatic Motion
050	A	Lovington	Using Unique Human Voice-Traits for Identification Systems
066	A	Rio Rancho	Crux Consortium
072	A	Sandia Prep	An Examination of Chaos Through Modeling of the Levitron
074	A	Santa Fe	The Computational Study of Euler Equation Solutions Across a 
			          Two Dimensional Delaunay Triangular Mesh
076	A	Santa Fe	The Computation of the Gravitational Influences in an N-body System
079	A	Shiprock	Welfare Reform on the Reservation
083     A       Silver          Learning Techniques   Behavioral and Social Sciences