Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 001

    School Name: Alamogordo High School

    Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

    Project Title: The Cubic Question

Final Report

The project for team 001 in the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge is to program a C++ program that will manipulate a Rubik's cube in virtual reality. This project will require the use of many different resources from researching. As well, we will have to use a complex program. Then, the result will be compared and contrasted to the expected results. There are many challenges for this team.

The problem definition for this project is simple, yet hard. It is to take a Rubik's cube and program it in C++ to manipulate the cube. This is done by having the program display the cube on the screen such that a user can easily interact with it. Virtual C++ comes in handy here.

Next is the computational plan. This is the main equation for the project. Our team has many different equations to work with, but we have not chosen one to fit the bill. These equations work with the amount of movement required for each puzzle. We hope to find one that works without fault.

So far we have had good progress. We have used many different types of resources. These include the libraries. One is the Alamogordo High School Library. This one is the place from which our first portion of research is done. Next was the Alamogordo Public Library. Here we did more in-depth research. Afterwards, we used the New Mexico State University of Alamogordo Library. We had a longer research time here. After libraries we looked toward the internet. Using two different search engines, Metacrawler and Yahoo, we found a world of information. We now are working toward comparing the information.

There are different results that are expected by us. Overall, the one true result expected is that after completing the virtual Rubik's cube program, we hope to make more difficult puzzles. We hope that this program can be used by both scientific people and hobbiests alike.

In conclusion, our project this year is to find the secrets of the Rubik's cube and to improve this powerful puzzle.

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