Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 003

    School Name: Alamogordo High School

    Area of Science: Computer Science

    Project Title: Building a Encryption Program for Netscape 4.05 Email

Final Report

Advanced Computer Lab Project-Encryption

The purpose of our project was to make a file that is encrypted. We weighed several different options of how to do this. The process we considered included using the if statement and a cut and past type of format or using the while statement. Eventually we decided that it would be best to use the while statement.

One approach we considered taking is: After the program takes in a login name, using the cin statement, it will then search below it for that name under an if statement. When it comes to an if statement that matches the name the user entered, then it would stop and read inside the brackets following that if statement. In such a case, the statement would be followed by another cin statement in which the user would be asked for a password. It will encrypted the program or message incase the wrong password was entered and then the person trying to read it will not be able to read anything.

If the password matched the password inside the brackets of the if statement, the user could continue, if not, they would be presented with a cout statement saying that the password was incorrect and they could not proceed. If the person entered the correct password, they would then be given a message via cout, which they could paste into a separate program that would unscramble the program (which would have randomly inserted things that would be removed when the message was entered.) The way that the message would get encrypted would be from the computer that sent the message. There would be a program that would send the message encrypted and it would stay that way until the correct password on the other side was entered.

But in the end, the method we decided on was to use the while statement. A user would have to enter their username using the cin statement. Next the user is would need to enter their password once again using the cin statement; it would have been possible for us to use either a common password for all users or separate passwords for each user. We choose the latter; being it makes the system somewhat more secure. If the password entered does not match the password that had been entered by the programmer for that user, then the user would be denied access to the program. Instructions would be given to that person by using the if statement along with != If the password entered does match the password that was programmed in then the user would be welcomed and be brought to the program which they wished to run. This strategy is less complex than the cut a paste idea, and somewhat more reliable because of it.

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