What Are the Affects of a Huge Meteor Hitting the Pacific Ocean?

Team 004

Ian Sturdevant

Jeremy Pepper

This project will explore the possibility of a huge meteor colliding with the earth in the Pacific Ocean and the effects of the collision upon civilization. We believe that if a huge meteor were to hit the earth in the Pacific Ocean, a tsunami would be produced that would wipe out civilization as we know it. We will design a computer program that will simulate this collision and predict the effects of a meteor hitting the ocean.

In our project, we first established the meeting dates and times. The meetings are held on Sundays at three o'clock. We recorded the minutes  of each meeting.

The next step in our project was developing a list of research topics. From this list, we determined team member responsibilites and assigned research areas.

We also developed a combined schedule from the SCC and the ISEF deadlines. We check this list every week to make sure there are no deadlines due. This was done so none of the team would be caught off guard.

New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge


Documentation on our project may be found at

Asteroid Impact Project