Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 012

    School Name: Bernalillo High School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Aerodynamics of Airfoils

Final Report

Background Information

Lift and Drag is calculated by using a wind tunnel. Depending on the Angle of attack, the wing section gives different results for lift and drag. The Renyolds number also plays a factor in this determination. It will be good for us to find a wing section with the lowest numbers possible.

Project Definition

As a group we are going to build our own wind tunnel, then take a sample wing section and test it in the wind tunnel. After this we will take the data recorded and compare the results of lift and drag to those of a computer simulation.

Proposed Method of Solution

Taking the data and doing a compare and contrast between the computer results and physical results.

Expected Results

For all group members to have a knowledge of how to compute lift and drag. Through the program, we will get experience in programming skills.

Progress to Date

Research and finalizing parts for wind tunnel so we can send in order.

Team Members

Sponsoring Teachers

Project Advisor(s)