Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 015

    School Name: Bloomfield High School

    Area of Science: Earth Science

    Project Title: Active Faults of New Mexico

Final Report

In the undertaking of our supercomputer project, many obstacles have come up. One is the limited data on our project. Another is the infinite number of details included in the development of it. These are just some of the complications we have run into in the past semester, but we are working out the kinks and are fully confident that we of team 015 will do what we can with the given data.

As we said one of the major snags in the progress of our team is the lack of sufficient data on our subject. Our project is simply to map out New Mexico's fault lines using the C++ programming language. Of course you have all heard the cliché "Easier said than done". In our case that is especially true. Our researcher has looked at quite a lot of geological survey, and geography websites, but to our dismay, she found very little on the subject of New Mexico's faults.

Despite the problems in the research department, we have been very successful in writing programs in the C++ programming language. Our programmers have already thought out the basic structure of our target program and are only waiting for the raw data to shape into what will be our final project. The program will be a visual type program, which will require all the knowledge of our team, and especially our programmer.

The presentation aspect of the Challenge is not a difficult thing for us to visualize due to the incredible amount of creativity present throughout the team. Already we have many ideas on how to present our project in both interesting and exciting ways. Some of these ways include adding in sound effects during the actual running of the program, or designing special graphics to help explain more clearly the idea behind the program. We hope to both increase the observer's knowledge of the subject and intrigue that person.

We chose to look into this project due to the fact that if any movement of the faults present in New Mexico were to occur, the communities close to the faults must know that they are susceptible damage caused by fault movement. The danger may not be apparent enough to notice, but if we complete our project successfully, we may find that these movements could do both financial and personal damage to these near-fault communities.

Team management has posed no problems the past semester thanks to the friendliness and cooperation of all of our teams members. The official title of Team Manager goes to Eric Seo, but we all take part in the over all organization of our team's efforts. We consider all of the team's members vital parts of our success in the Challenge, and are certain that we are up to the task of finishing our program and presentation.

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