Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 016

    School Name: Bloomfield High School

    Area of Science: Mathematics

    Project Title: Sierpinski's Triangle

Final Report

Most graphing calculators we have used have a function included that plots points using the equation for Sierpinski's Triangle. This equation plots random points that produce a triangle-within-a-triangle pattern. . Our group (the Jedi's) want to know what kind of two-dimensional pattern the equation will generate using different numbers of points. We envision starting with the triangular pattern, and then generating fractals using four, five, or more points. Use of supercomputers will help us in using very large data sets (improving accuracy). We are using the Sierpenski Triangle equation on a square, rectangle, etc. We will choose points and randomly select vertices. Determine midpoint of "P" and vertex. Then we will graph all the points. So far we have found the midpoint formula and the calculator program. Our project will produce awesome spectacular geometric forms. Shapes with in shapes that get infinatly smaller and at the same time get infinitly bigger. Eventually it will look really cool. Basically our project is simple, and has a mathematical base. We hope that our project will be a success. Next year we hope to have a successful paper and also that it will be even better. We are all doing research on the project. James is doing the planning. Jami is doing the drafting. Scott is doing the revising and presenting the oral briefing. And B.J is preparing the final document. In closing, we are still going to have several meetings with our instructor about the project.

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