Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: ch019

    School Name: Kirtland Central High School

    Area of Science: Mathematics

    Project Title: Earthquakes in New Mexico? Yeah right!

Final Report

Contrary to popular belief, earthquakes do indeed exist in New Mexico. We only discovered this through thorough research of earthquakes in general. Earthquakes are a natural occurrence that not only effect our state, but also have a major impact on the world. These, and many other reasons influenced us to focus our project on earthquakes. We are currently trying to develop a program using C++ to predict the long-term occurrences of eathquakes in New Mexico, within a 2.0 and 8.0 on the Richter Scale. We will be using many different resources to provide us with the information needed to complete this project. The information attained from our research would be beneficial and possibly of interest to professional geologists to aid in possibly predicting the time, location, and strength of any future earthquakes. With this knowledge, society would be able to prepare for major earthquakes, which may bring about not only a change in our state, but the entire country, and possibly even the world.

So far, we have been searching for a constant equation to aid us in the prediction of earthquakes. An appropriate equation will allow us to input data. The program will then compile the information submitted, and output a statistically accurate prediciton. To test our program, we will input data from previous earthquakes, to see if the output is accurate and correct. We have also looked at previous projects, as well as Internet resources and other books and encyclopedias. We have looked through records and information on previous earthquakes in New Mexico. We have found a program on the Internet that will allow us to type in the latitude and longitude on an area, as well as the magnitude and a time frame of an earthquake. This program will then list all earthquakes within a specified area and time period. We hope that from this program, and programs found in previous reports done on earthquakes, we will be able to build an appropriate C++ program to complete our project.

Our progress is coming along smoothly. We have completed the research portion of this challenge. We have begun to put information together, so that we might be able to complete our project by the specified date. We have e-mailed an expert on this subject and are still waiting for possibly useful information about earthquakes in New Mexico. The programmers of our team have been studying the C++ programming language for approsimately a year and a half now. They have been practicing their skills and have brainstormed many ideas for the programming portion of the entire project.

Our aspirations for this project are very high. We have every intention of entirely completing this project on time. The Glorieta Conference not only allowed us to learn about the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge and all of its aspects, but it was also a unique experience that truly enriched our minds and motivated us towards completion of our project. It truly has been, and will be in the future, a "Challenge!"

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