Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 020

    School Name: Kirtland Central High School

    Area of Science: Chemistry

    Project Title: Pyromaniacs

Final Report

Our project is about the burning of buildings. Our primary goal is to determine the most "fire safe" materials to use in the construction of buildings. We intend to do this by testing the structural integrity and the heat resistance of the various materials used in today's construction.

Thus far we have searched the net for data charts concerning the heat resistance of substances, structural integrity of substances, and other projects that can give assistance to our research. We have also made contact with a construction company that is willing to help us with our project by providing essential information pertaining to the structural integrity of certain materials. Another outside helper that we have is a firefighter that will hopefully give us information that will help us to determine the heat resistance of the materials.

We still need to do some research on the internet, and we need to get the rest of the list of materials from the construction company. As soon as we receive that information we can start on finding the heat resistance of the materials. Hopefully we can find a list for such a thing, but if we can't we are going to have to find a similar project on the net and ask for help. After that it is a simple job of intilizing the variables, resistances, and structural stability of the materials in our project. Then we will compose a program that will calculate the information and will give out the slowest burning and strongest of the materials used in construction.

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