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    Team Number: 021

    School Name: Kirtland Central High School

    Area of Science:

    Project Title: A River Runs Through It

Final Report

Many harmful substances are present throughout the earth's atmosphere. To review what was stated in our abstract, our supercomputers project plans were to some research materials, discover their location, and map the location of the materials. One such material is radiation. Our supercomputer group plans to use a 3 mile span of the San Juan river to take approximately 12 samples. We plan on doing this using the GPS unit (Geographical Positioning System) to show the location of the samples. Then, sending the samples to Sandia Laboratory and receiving the results we will use the GIS unit to make a map of the 3 mile span of the San Juan River.

Our progress has steadily been moving, and further reaching to our full knowledge of what our project can actually succomb to. We have continued researching and even experiencing hands on uses of our project. In November, selected members of our group had the wonderful opportunity to attend a GIS and GPS convention. At this convention they were taught how to properly use these 2 units and further more were able to work with the units themselves hands on.

Using the GPS unit, they went out to a place by Navajo Lake and took calulations while hiking. After getting the calculations, they mapped the area using th GIS unit. They got the opportunity to meet professionals in these fields and ask them questions. By using the computers at Dine college and seeing the results helped them to better understand what was involved in our project. After using the units, they presented our Supercomputers project to everyone attending the convention. They exlplained our project and how the GIS and GPS units were involved in it.

Our project was able to be a topic discussion, while viewpoints and suggestions were given to help us further our knowledge. They were also able to speak with people that use these units on a regular basis.

By attending this convention, our group gained a greater understanding of the GIS and GPS units which is the foundation of our project. Without gaining an understanding of these, our project is uncomputable.

Along with the information, we've gained at the convention we also have studied some of the effects of radiation. What exactly radiation is and the harm that it can do to the earth's enviroment.

Our next step is to take the knowledge we've gained and do the major part of our project which is to write a program to compute the results gained from our project. This will be the final step in our success in finishing our project. By completing our computational science project, we hope to more fully understand and benefit our San Juan community.

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