Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 029

    School Name: Clovis High

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Building a Tesla Coil

Final Report

Our group has done some very extensive research on electronic devices called tesla coils. The research has come mainly from the several web pages of people who have already built a tesla coil, but some came from sites that deals with Science, especially future technology/theoretical Science. We have done research on many of the parts needed to actually build the tesla coil. A few of the components that we researched are the Primary Coil, Secondary Coil, Power Source, Capacitors, and Spark Gaps. The web pages with Tesla Coils all belong to "The Tesla Coil Ring". Once inside the ring we can easily view similar sites. The most useful part of the Tesla Coil Ring is the random site button. We can view many sites on Tesla Coils without using an actual search engines such as excite, hotbot, Lycos, webcrawler, metacrawler, Alta Vista, and many others.

We have also done a quite a bit of research on Nickola Tesla, the inventor of the amazing Tesla Coil. It is almost always a good idea to know some of the background on the inventor of a device you are trying to build. After building the Tesla Coil we will try to perform the same type of experiments that Nikola Tesla did. We still have a lot of research that we need to dig up from sources we have not discovered yet, before we can come to the final outcome of our project. The building of a tesla coil is a very interesting project to learn more about electricity and its applications.

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