Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 030

    School Name: Clovis High School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Modeling Force

Final Report

We are simulating force and motion for our project. This can be used to simulate the motion of planets, a rock thrown off a bridge, charged particles, and more!

Our project can be broken down into four main parts: the simulation, data input, data output, and something to supervise or control everything.

At the moment, we are aiming for our simulation to work using this algorithm:

  1. Calculate forces
  2. Calculate motion over a very brief interval of time
  3. Repeat

The supervisor will allow for user interaction with the simulation. The user may enter data, such as the mass (which force is a function of), initial velocities, initial displacements, electrostatic charges. The user may also do things such as pause the simulation, or select data output methods. Then they may view the results in real time over X, DOS, ... or save the results to a file.

Our graphics output code should be portable to different platforms and libraries without requiring modification of any of the other code.

The different variables used and simulated by our project are mass, force, velocity, and displacement. We will being by modeling gravity. Next we will add support for modeling objects that exert thrust. Then we will work on electrostatic forces.

There are other areas of Physics that apply to our project, which we will model as we get to them. These include the Theory of Relativity, and conservation of momentum.

For starters, we will aim for our simulation to run in three-dimensional space, but, because of our current programming knowledge, we will only display a two-dimensional plane in this space. As the year continues we should gain the knowledge to implement 3-D graphics. Other data output options include "3rd party" graphical output software, saving to files, viewing numerical outputs, or combinations of these options.

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