Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 043

    School Name: Goddard High School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: Time Dilation:

Final Report

Time Dilation is based on Einstein's theory of special relativity. Example, say you wanted to travel to a distant planet about 3-4 light years away and say that we, earthlings, have discovered how to travel tremendous speeds, like the speed of light. When you decided to do so you would have to travel, of course, in a life-supporting vehicle. OK, you're in space and you are ready to activate the machine to get you to your destination, "At the speed of light."(99.9% of light speed). Einstein thought that at this speed you were equal in time to Earth and all things in the universe. But, what if you went past this speed? Well, Einstein said that time could be altered at this speed.

Our team will demonstrate this by designing and building a computer generated model of this strange process by using Einstein's formulas from his research and experiments. This program will simulate the time it would take for a vessel to travel at a set percent of the speed of light and to a set distance. This program will also show the difference in times between the vessel that is traveling and the people and objects outside the vessel. We plan to use Einstein's mathematical formulas in our program to help us simulate the process. We will also be using the Internet to find similar programs to help us. We will also be using the Microsoft Encarta's animation that demonstrates this theory. To see the entire list of resources we are going to use on our program check the bibliography at the back of this report.

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