Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 049

    School Name: Los Alamos High School

    Area of Science: Civil Engineering

    Project Title: Gridlock

Final Report

Project Summary:
Our project is to simulate traffic flow and create an efficient lighting scheme for the appropriate circumstances.
The project involves three sets of variables. The first set of variables describe the type and number of vehicles involved at a given time at traffic density area. The second set of variables describe the layout of the city or town, its lights, and the number of lanes involved in each light. The last set of variables defines the lighting patterns present in the stop lights.
Through the implementation of relatively accurate data, both in vehicluar demographic composition and in city layout, our conclusions are expected to be precise and useful.

Computational Plan:
In order to find the most efficient lighting scheme for a given map, we're going to use a complex computational engine. Through careful analysis of each individual vehicle's movements and tendencies with respect to direction being traveled, we can determine problem areas in a certain traffic light.
Every vehicle entering or leaving an intersection will be dealt with separately, and a tally will be kept of how many times a given vehicle intercepted traffic issues.

Approximately 5400 vehicles and one map have been generated. Preliminary work has begun on the computational engine.

Expected Results:
Although we expect to find what light schemes are most efficient, we mainly expect results of what schemes are not efficient. Our guess is that there are certain situations that absolutely will not work, and that the rest are fairly close in effectiveness. We also expect data on what vehicles are most prone to accidents in what situations.

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