Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 051

    School Name: Magdalena High School

    Area of Science: Engineering

    Project Title: Structural Design

Final Report

Our problem is to find a structure for a building that is optimal for use in conditions with stressors such as earthquakes, weight, wind and pressure to the external surface of the building. We will do this by selecting several of them to each of the stressors. After exposure to these stressors the buildings will be tested, the one which holds up best will be the winner.

We have recieved a computer program to help us study the different stresses from our advisor, John Russell,however we were on Christmas break and unable to work with it yet. We will use the program, to decide how we will go about solving the problem. This problem is beginning to look more and more compicated and it may very well turn out to be a multi-year project. Hopefully with the help of this advisor this will be a very successful project.

So far in this project we have made good progress but we need to improve our speed and efficiency if we hope to finish this year. With the complexities that keep coming out as we explore the problem, it seems to be real difficult to make a lot of progress. Even though the progress has been difficult, we are learning more about the physics and the relation of forces that are involved.

These complications have made it difficult for us to predict what the actual final results will be. Right now we believe the geodesic dome may hold up the best, but as we work with our program less opinion may change.

That is the state of our project at this point.

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