Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 064

    School Name: Ramah High School

    Area of Science: Astrophysics

    Project Title: Stellar Trajectory

Final Report

Our abstract for the Super Computing Challenge is the question of how to place a man-made satellite, launched from Earth, into the orbit of Mars.

Before we begin explaining to you what research we have done and what calculations we also have done, we would like to be honest with you first. We did procrastinate for the longest of time ever since Glorietta. This is partially due to the fact that this is the first year for all of us. What we have found out and accomplished so far are that Mar has a distance of 48,700,000 miles from the Earth's surface at its closest, which we will use for the distance for the satellite to travel. The rotational period for Mars around its axis one is about 24.37 hours. Which will probably not affect the Mars global position of the Mars probe. The time that it takes for Mars to make one revolution around the sun is about 22 months, which we will need to determine the speed of how fast Mars is traveling through space. This is extremely important on account of that Mars will actually be moving while the satellite is heading toward it, so we need to find the place at which the two can rendezvous. However, the acceleration that the probe is going to be at is still unknown to us at this time. But we do know that the acceleration has to come from the "sling-shot" that the Earth is going to give it and also that it has to remain constant the whole trip there. We also know that it will take the probe about 6 Earth months to travel to Mars.

But, despite what we told you, we are happy to acknowledge that we are in fact learning about the Internet more and more as we joyously go along with our abstract. The only thing we lack is the support of a good mentor and good guiding advice from different people of different fields.

Also, although the people from NASA have been sending probes to Mars since forever, and we haven't, this material is quite new to us and at first we didn't know exactly where to begin on such a monstrous project. But the people at your conference when we were there gave us the proper guidance on where to start with such an abstract. Also, we were told that this project would be too hard and it would take too long, but quite frankly, we are doing fine, we think if we are going at the rate to which we are going. And also, we were told to change our abstract a lot for many things because it would be too hard, but we were not discouraged, so we did not change the question of the abstract. We feel that even though our feeble minds are of limited resources, we still feel that we can pull this abstract off, of course it being our first year and all.

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