Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 067

    School Name: Rio Rancho High School

    Area of Science:AstroPhysics

    Project Title:Hole In One

Final Report

Our project is going slowly but surely. We have a clearer picture of what this project will look like when finished because of our research. We have decided to input one solar system in our galaxy and calculate the amount of time that elapses before the solar system would fall into the event horizon of the very black hole speculated to exist at the center of our galaxy. The calculations will all be simple physics, but to our group who had no members with physics under their belts these simple physics equations are complicated. The only variable is which solar system will be used. Any solar system could be easily put into the simulation.

During the course of the year we have stumbled over several problems. First it is hard for our team to get together because we have other after school activities besides Super Computer Challenge, but we try to get together every Thursday and Friday. Another one was C++'s trigonometry calculations. Our team was unaware of the fact that the answers were calculated in Radians and not degrees. We soon compensated for these calculations Another problem is that we are experiencing difficulties with the graphics of the program. We could not find a library and one of our braver team members volunteered to tackle the task himself. We are working on this problem with some help from other super computer challenge members.

Our final problem lies that we had just found info on the Internet explaining the fact that black holes are not believed to be only temporary singularities and that the gravitational pull of the black hole can be balanced if the black hole feeds on enough matter in which case the black hole would cease to be strong enough to pull in light. Thus, become visible and possible the start of a nebula, birthplace of starts. The only relevance that this information has is that the black hole in our simulation may case to pull in the solar system rendering our project irrelevant. How ever like most information on black holes this theoretical.

We do expect our project to show a solar system going into a black hole and the time it took to do this. How ever a worst case scenario of our project would not have graphics in it. We do believe though that our project will be successful with the graphics. We expect to come to the final judging in April with the project completed.

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