Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 073

    School Name Sandia Preparatory School

    Area of Science: Physics

    Project Title: The Cosmic Elephant

Final Report

Our project's goal is to analyze the impact of an asteroid with a specific location off the West Coast of the United States. There have been many previous projects similar to ours, which have studied the effects of impact, but our project will focus on the difference produced by the actual composition of the object. Some of the variables we will try to look at are density, mass, and shape. To determine these results we are utilizing existing empirical physics formulas.

We are currently under the mentor-ship of a scientist named M. Patrick Goda. By using Mr. Goda's already published formula's we are attempting to create our own computer program. We intend to be able to input parameters such as mass, density, size, shape and energy. Then through the use of the equations obtain results such as water displacement, amount of force transferred, height of produced tsunami, distance traveled by produced tsunami, and any other results we can obtain in the allotted amount of time.

The progress in our experiment thus far has been the accumulation of the mathematical equations and their translation into our program. Our hope is to build the program with as many different variables for input and output as can be achieved within the time constraint we have. We are also using equations that are different but which obtain the same results and comparing them for accuracy. Mr. Goda also has a program which we will be looking at, and using to compare results.

The results we expect to obtain will be straightforward considering the nature of our experiment. We will at first only obtain simple numerical output, but we hope to move up to graphs and finally possibly to be able to produce visual results.

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