Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 080

    School Name: Shiprock High School

    Area of Science: Engineering

    Project Title: Automotive Engineering

Final Report



We are planning to create a vehicle design of our own, with all the requirements necessary for a vehicle. We plan to do this by making interior measurements in the vehicle.

We plan to measure the amount of room between the hip and door, the hip, and other passenger seats. We will measure the amount of space allowed for the passengers to stretch their legs in the back toward the front seats. We will measure the room between the door and the shoulder and all measurements will be using the National height and weight of an average American man. We will also measure the amount of headroom.

We also plan to take Exterior measurements, such as the length of the car. The length of the car also helps develop space inside. We will measure the width of the car which helps in the process of creating room and performance. We will measure the height of the car and how high it is off the ground. Along with the exterior we will measure the tire width and radius, again helping with the performance. We will also measure the wheelbase of the model. Along with the exterior we plan to create a suspension, axle, braking system, transmission, and body design.

Along with the measurements we will come up with the total capacity of the car, in which we mean to come up with the total capacity of passenger, luggage, and fuel.

We will design and plan out a specific engine type and plan out a blueprint for the engine. The engine blueprint will show all parts and their functions.

We plan to solve these problems by examining at a vehicle similar to our specifications and changing items to meet our qualifications. By this we mean to shape a vehicle particular to us.

. We have the measurements to our vehicle's Interior such as leg, hip, head, and shoulder room. We also have the measurements for our exterior such as width, length, height, and wheelbase. We are having problems with the engine design and type. We also have not come up with a body design.

The results that we expect are to have a full-scale model of our vehicle and a program on the super computer to support it. We also would like to obtain more knowledge about vehicles than we do at the moment. We would like to learn how to process such graphics into the super computers.

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