Challenge Team Interim Report

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    Team Number: 081

    School Name: Shiprock High School

    Area of Science: Environmental Science

    Project Title: Chemical Pollution of the San Juan River

Final Report


In Shiprock, New Mexico pollution is everywhere you look, even in the places you'd expect not to see. When the water flows down stream it is used by the public and treated over and over resulting in the large amount of chemicals in the water. To make matters worse, there is an abundant amount of debris in the water and on the shore line. Our experiment will test the water in certain points in the river at which we think that there is a large supplement of chemical discharge. From there we will make a map and pin point the places where we find the most discharge. We want to know what is in the water. When we find out how it is being polluted and with what, then we will be able to use that information to help clean up or improve the ecosystem where we live.


The description of our program would be measuring and comparing specific sections of the San Juan River for pollutants. We will be testing for pH, sulfate, nitrates, phosphate content, and oxygen content.


Presently our project is mostly research on the Internet. We have not really tested the waters, because they are icy, due to the weather change. So far on the Internet, we have found some sites that are related to our project. From these sites we have gained more knowledge about our project. From what we have researched, we plan to use what we can to find a solution to our problem.


Our team expects to find results concerning our main source of water. The results we obtain will help us find the location of concentrated chemical discharge along the San Juan River. Another result we will be obtaining is the type of chemicals found hurting our water supply in Shiprock.

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